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Evolution Insurance Professionals

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Our new office is now open and we would love to have you stop in, say hello, and enjoy a cold beverage with us.

We are located at:

794 E 700 S
Clearfield, UT 84015

Want to call us? 801-784-4972 ... 99% of the time you will get a person, not a machine.
Want to email us? info@evoinsurancepro.com ... 99% of the time we will reply in less than one business day.
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About Us - The Agency

Evolution Insurance Professionals, a new Independent Insurance Agency serving the Intermountain West from Clearfield, UT, was founded in 2020 by Tanner Merrill, a seasoned insurance professional. Tanner was taught and mentored by Val Stratford, a well known and respected Utah agency owner.


The agency itself might be new, but the high performing service team - Jordan Petersen, Taylor Adams, and Roger Thomas - has been together since 2016. As an independent agency, Evolution Insurance Professionals prides itself on teaching the ins and outs of insurance so clients understand what is being recommended for purchase and how they will benefit from the products. Nobody likes a product they don't know how to use or how they benefit from its purchase.

One of the hallmarks of Evolution Insurance Professionals is the desire to not just sell you insurance ... rather, it is to help you buy the insurance coverage you need to protect yourself, your family, your things, or your business.. There is a difference, really.

There is an old saying: "Your insurance really doesn't matter until it really matters." How true this is. We all want our insurance coverage to get us back to normal as soon as possible no matter what happens to us or our things. No one wants to be told that something is "not covered" after a claim is made. 


Because we know everyone's insurance needs change throughout their lifetime, our slogan is:


"We can handle all your insurance needs from your first diaper to your last."


Let us help you on your insurance education journey and trust us to be the resource you need from life's start to its finish. We will help you through your own unique evolution of life.

About Us - The People

Tanner Merrill

I started my insurance career in 2005. Like many people I started thinking that the only reason anyone needed insurance was to drive their car down the road.


Times have changed dramatically since 2005. I have grown in knowledge and experience so I am able to understand the risks clients face and teach them how insurance products and services can protect them and their families, their things, or their businesses.


Over the past 15 years I have sat on several insurance company agency councils that helped create new products and services, including providing clear advice on how clients could benefit from purchasing them.


On a personal note, I love to travel to anywhere that has a beach and warm weather. Plus, I enjoy any activity that brings people together. Whether its charades and useless trivia or team sports count me in. And, beware, if you're ever cooking BBQ I'll be sure to smell you out.

Jordan Petersen

Before starting my insurance career in 2016, I was a paralegal at a large law office in Utah.


I have developed a passion for working with business clients. My ability to understand and provide the ins and outs of what business owners need has grown significantly and I love to share my knowledge. Plus, I pride myself on providing fast, efficient, friendly, and especially personal service to all of our clients.


In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our "Fur Kids". We are both animal lovers and enjoy donating our time to help animals in need.

Taylor Adams

I started working in the insurance industry in 2019. Before that I helped manage a local hardware store.


Since working in the insurance business, I have grown to love working with both business and personal clients making sure their insurance needs are always met. I take pride in providing friendly customer service and getting any job done quickly and correctly.


On a personal level, I love to go on walks and hikes with my boyfriend and our "fur baby". Plus, I love to sit next to the window during rainstorms and work on an art project.

Roger Thomas

I have been in the insurance business for over 25 years and have worked for several insurance agencies. The most recent was the Stratford Insurance Group in Layton, UT, for the past 12 years.


In my current position, I work with insurance companies to get businesses the insurance coverage they need for the most competitive price.


I earned the Certified Insurance Counselor designation in 2002 showing my desire and commitment to always be learning so I can offer my clients the highest standard of professional conduct and knowledge.


Outside of work I enjoy playing golf with family and friends, reading a good book, and walking for exercise on the many parks and trails in the area.   

About Us - What our clients say ...

A Testimonial - 2020

For years I only heard from my agent at renewal time. I finally realized she was more interested in my premium than my needs. I was very close to purchasing my auto insurance from an online company when a friend suggested I call Tanner. To my surprise, he seemed genuinely interested in learning about me and my family in order to recommend the best coverage for my needs. And, not only did I get better coverage than I had, but at a lower cost.